Zhu Li, improve the thing.

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Connor’s first PSAT

Connor taking the PSAT and not understanding what a bedazzler is

Connor hearing his test administrator say two minutes left and panicking, bubbling in all “C’s” because C is for Connor

Connor feeling like García López de Cárdenas

Connor watching Edward and Ezio not even take the test but just fall asleep on the booklet

Connor panicking and forgetting his address

Connor accidentally writing the honor statement in his native tongue

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PSAT, more like PTSD, am I right…

people at school trying to lighten the mood (via pearltiger)
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only true 90s kids will remember the 2k14 psat

reblog if youre a true 90s kid

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We promised to not TALK about the PSAT. We never promised to not BLOG about it.

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  • Possible bae:Hey ;)
  • Me:Hey
  • Possible bae:The leaves are really nice this time of year :)
  • Me:Ya'know im kind of like the crimson leaves...
  • Me:falling for you
  • Definitely bae:....,.
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The only reason why you have to write in cursive is because the collage board is still run by old white men.

my Algebra 2 teacher,after he ranted about all the grammatical errors in the instructions. (via extra-credit-turtle)
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PSAT Predictions


Next year I predict Niagara Falls will come under fire, disappointed hunger games fans will be featured, and burgundy leaves will ascend.

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